Learn more about animals and nature with this app!

Learn more about animals and nature with this app!

You’ve been noticing the same wildlife and plants during your walks and you’re curious to find out more? You might like the app Seek by iNaturalist.

August 25, 2020

We all come across certain plants and wildlife and wonder exactly what they are. After all, the variety of life created by Mother Nature is truly stunning. With one simple photo the app Seek by iNaturalist can tell you the name of a specific species and give you a wealth of related information. It’s a fun tool that helps you learn about new animals, plants and insects in just a few clicks.

Simple and entertaining
It only takes a few seconds to download this free app from the App Store to your smartphone. To get started, simply create an account (or use the app without one) and then activate geo-localization to access wildlife files for your region. 

To identify animals: just take a photo of the animal in question using the camera in the app. The app will then identify the animal and give you related background information.

You can also participate in challenges. These may, for instance, request that you provide additional photos of a specific animal to provide supplementary data for the app’s database. The app rewards those who take part in challenges with badges. 

Overall, Seek by iNaturalist, which is available in over 10 languages, is easy to use and gives you quick access to your own history and records.

An app for true nature enthusiasts
Whether you’re just looking to have some fun or want to accumulate badges, this app can make your walks with your dog that much more enjoyable. To get the most, of course, it helps to have an interest in nature! If you’re not especially interested in non-domestic animals, such as insects and wildlife, Seek by iNaturalist may not be for you.

Photo : seekbyinat

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