I’m not a miniature Collie

I’m not a miniature Collie

While out walking with my dog, people often call out: “Oh, what a beautiful miniature Collie.” But Moka isn’t a Collie.

August 3, 2019

I know this because I had a Collie—my beautiful Honey—before opting for this Shetland Shepherd (also known as a Sheltie). No pun intended, but I would say that the difference is huge. Honey weighed in at 30 kg while Moka is a featherweight 13 kg.

She’s an exquisite creature, the perfect compromise that’s suited to the relative slowness of an older owner: Moka has the intelligence and sensitivity of a Collie in a body that I can carry without throwing my back out. An affectionate little dog without being overly dependent, Moka is always at my side, from our morning greeting to our kiss goodnight.

We walk 8 kilometres a day in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, from the restaurant to the bookstore and beyond. She can be faster than a rocket, when she rushes to reprimand our next door neighbour, but adapts her pace to mine when we’re out walking together. With another Pawsie, she’d certainly go faster and farther, but everything about her suits me perfectly … and I like to think it's mutual.

Photo: Catherin Arsenault

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