How to take great pictures of active dogs

How to take great pictures of active dogs

September 30, 2019

To get the best photos of high-energy animals, you need to go with the flow. “I was working with a Braque d’Auvergne who wasn’t used to being on a leash,” explains the photographer Catherin Arsenault. “He wasn’t himself. It showed in his expression—in all the photos. So, we decided to let him run free and forget about the shots we’d planned.” From there, it was just a question of allowing the dog to take the lead and paying close attention. “Each photo shoot is unique. You have to welcome the unexpected with open arms,” Arsenault adds. Finally, as the dog saw a piece of floating wood, he pointed—just long enough for the photographer to capture it on camera. “Sometimes you want an animal to hold a specific pose but in my opinion the best thing is let the dog be himself, in his home environment,” she concludes. “The ideal shot will present itself. You just have to be patient.” And spontaneous! (Noémie Simard)

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