How to protect your pets from heat stroke

July 4, 2020

Your 4-legged friend loves nothing more than lying in the sun on a summer day? Here are some tips to keep them safe.

It’s summer and we love to soak up the rays. We know it’s important to protect ourselves from sunburn and heat stroke. But let’s not forget our animals because they can be extremely vulnerable during a heat wave.

Recognize risk
Heat stroke in animals can result from a combination of factors including too much sun, not enough water, and excessive high-intensity exercise on a baking summer day. An animal’s breed, age and type of fur also contribute.

Did you know that dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke than people? That’s because their fur retains heat and, unlike us, breathing is the only mechanism they have to regulate their body temperature. 

Recognize symptoms
It’s essential to know the signs of heat stroke. Act quickly if your dog is:

  • Breathing heavily with mouth wide open
  • Extremely weak
  • Shaking
  • Experiencing a racing heart beat
  • Salivating copiously 
  • Acting abnormally 

If your dog has any of these symptoms you must lower their body temperature rapidly. Cover them with cool, wet towels and put them close to a fan or in an air-conditioned room. Immediately consult your veterinarian who will suggest additional measures according to your circumstances until you can take your pet to the clinic.

Preventive measures
Several basic measures help prevent heat stroke. The most fundamental: your animal must always have access to drinking water (especially during the summer). Make sure that they have a cool, shady location to shelter from the sun and heat. Limit outdoor activity during extreme temperatures and consider a dip in the lake instead of your regular walk.

It goes without saying: NEVER leave your animal alone in the car. Inside temperatures can soar and endanger your animal’s life extremely quickly. It’s also illegal.

Be safe, keep cool and have a fantastic summer!


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