How to prevent your animal from running away

How to prevent your animal from running away

What could be more stressful and frustrating for a pet owner? What makes an animal take off? How can you stop it from happening?

May 29, 2020

When their pet disappears some owners believe it’s because they’re animal lacks loyalty. This false belief adds to the psychological distress of the situation. To prevent it from happening, it’s essential to understand what makes an animal run off.

Reasons for heading for the hills
When a pet is overweight veterinarians will generally encourage the animal’s owner to limit portions. A drastic reduction, however, can cause an animal to seek other sources of food. If you’ve been advised to reduce your animal’s food intake, do it gradually to avoid your animal feeling overly hungry and frustrated.

For a companion animal, life outside the four walls of the family home is overflowing with irresistible distractions and past times. If your animal lacks meaningful interaction, it’s normal for them to want to explore other options … once the coast is clear. Be sure to provide your animal with sufficient stimulation and toys.

The mating call
When a female cat is in heat the drive to mate can be a compelling reason for a cat to seek the high road. The chances of this biological urge leading to travel and adventure is especially strong in male cats. One definitive way to settle the situation? Castration.

Fear and anxiety
Thunder, lightning and fireworks are an integral part of summer and all three can terrorize cats who may seek a far-off hide-out to protect themselves. One simple preventive measure: Close all windows and doors when there’s a risk of overwhelming noise. Read this article to find out more.

Ways to prevent your pet from tearing off
GPS collars
As of January 1, 2020, in the Montreal region, all cats must be microchipped—a system which helps to identify pets if they are taken to a shelter. The technology, however, doesn’t geolocalize your animal. To do this, and increase your chances of finding your pet if they run away, equip them with a GPS collar which will send your cat’s location to your smartphone or computer.

The right fencing
Time takes a toll on fencing. And holes in your fence can provide your pet with a path for escape. Be sure to repair your fence on a frequent basis to prevent your dog from getting away. Cats can work their way around just about any enclosure. For their safety, it’s best to keep them indoors, especially if your home is close to busy traffic.

Consult a trainer
If your dog has a history of running away, consider consulting a dog educator to examine possible causes and steps to follow to help correct their behaviour.

It’s only natural for an animal to head off on a brief, local escapade. In these instances, there’s no reason to scold them or be angry. It just takes a few preventive measures to reduce the risk of them taking off further afield.

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