How to get the perfect photograph of your puppy

April 30, 2020

Unlike adult dogs who tend to be predictable, when it comes to puppies, it’s hard to be prepared. "I was working with 4 very energetic little balls of fur,” recounts animal photographer Catherin Arsenault. “They ran in all directions, rolled on the ground and jumped up and down non-stop.” Fortunately, the puppies’ Pawsies were present to assist by holding the excited little animals in their arms. The session was held outdoors in a park and the puppies were so small it would have been easy to lose sight of them. The photo shoot produced a series of bloopers—with human arms all over the photos—which, according to the photographer, reflected the tone of the entire day! “I captured the last photo in just two clicks. What really worked was having people throw toys behind me to get the puppies’ attention,” says Arsenault. The key? Be alert, be patient and make sure you get help! (Noémie Simard)

Photos: Catherin Arsenault


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