House (and pet) swapping: A great vacation option!

House (and pet) swapping: A great vacation option!

You’re planning an idyllic vacation but finding a solution for your dog is getting complicated? House swapping might be the solution. Here are some tips to make it a success.

July 28, 2020

Taking your dog on vacation isn’t always an option. Some accommodations don’t accept animals, while others have strict rules and regulations. If your budget doesn’t permit you to board your dog, you might be interested in swapping your house … with pets included. In a nutshell: you leave your dog with your house guests and, in exchange, you take care of their pet(s) while staying at their place.

This vacation option not only saves money, it also spares your dog the stress of travelling. And—bonus—you get to pamper a dog during your trip! It’s essential, however, to prepare carefully. Follow our recommendations to plan a harmonious exchange.

Leave detailed instructions
Each animal is unique. That’s why it’s essential to provide your guests with detailed instructions, including food quantities, meal times, walking schedules, but also routines, preferences and any personality quirks.

Prepare a list of all allergies and permitted foods (especially if your pet is on a diet). Bear in mind that people tend to interpret feeding guidelines in different ways. Be specific. For instance, if you don’t allow your dog to eat leftovers, state this clearly. Leaving as much information as possible will minimize the impact on your pet.

Provide a contact list
Just in case: Be sure to leave contact information for a trusted friend or family member who can step in if a situation arises. And don’t forget to leave the numbers for your veterinarian and groomer.

Stock up
Be sure to purchase all the supplies, such as food and medications, your dog will need during your absence (especially if they’re on a diet). Before heading off, double check that your pet’s vaccinations, as well as all the data on their microchip, are up to date. Throw in a few extra treats to help your guests make a success of their stay!

Identify your dog’s stuff
Storing your dog’s personal belongings—brushes, toys, covers, etc.—in one location will help your guests. Make sure they’re clearly labelled and can’t be mistaken for your children’s possessions. 

A home-and-pet swap is a great way to travel which will enable you to meet new people and experience life in a different light. If you’re curious to find out more, check out home exchange websites, such as to find out more.

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