Happiness walks on 4 legs

Happiness walks on 4 legs

September 14, 2020

Some people choose to have children. I decided to have dogs. Not one dog. Many dogs. From an early age it was clear in my mind that I wanted to have meaningful relationships with my dogs. Absent-mindedly slipping the bowl of dog food onto the kitchen floor or automatically opening the back door without thinking twice has never been part of my plan. I want my animals to be the heart of my activities, to share memorable times with them, help develop their personalities and, above all, experience real bonds with each of them. That’s why I love biking in the woods as they run like crazy alongside. I’m thrilled to harness their strength when I’m dog scootering or skijoring. I enjoy obedience training, taking part in rallies, agility competitions, conformation, dog fitness, dock diving … even sheep herding! I’m open to anything with them. My dogs are also certified therapy animals for children, adults and people with handicaps. Each of my dogs brings me daily joy and reminds me to live in the moment. A dog has such a positive and joyful presence! I’m a small-scale breeder and didn’t hesitate to travel to Paris to get a beautiful (looking and acting) new dog. My dogs have won many Canadian competitions and I’m so proud! The life that I’ve created is exceptional all because of them. (Lucie-Marie Guilbert)

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