Gift ideas for dogs… and dog lovers

Gift ideas for dogs… and dog lovers

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your own loyal four-legged friend, or for a human friend’s doggie pal, this list is sure to please you!

November 27, 2020

During the Holiday season, we take pleasure in spoiling our loved ones by spending quality time with them and giving them a gift. These include our spouse, parents, in-laws, siblings, friends... but also our adorable pooches! If you want to spoil your pet for Christmas, or if you’d like to give a gift to a loved one who loves dogs, this list is for you! 

To spoil your favourite furball
In addition to not requiring a huge budget, gift options for dogs are numerous and easy to find. Simply visit a pet shop and you’ll find a wide range of interesting items to give to your canine companion. Here are a few ideas to help you narrow down your search. 

1. A new toy
What could be better than a ball, plush toy or chew toy to please your pet? Think about his or her favourite type of toy and present it as a token of your love! 

2. A garment to face the cold
Dog clothing is so adorable that you can’t resist it! You can opt for a coat, boots or even a nice Christmas sweater, but make sure they fit poochie comfortably.

3. A new dog bed
A plush bed accompanies him or her every day during naps and nights. Giving doggie a comfortable bed means giving them moments of pleasant and deep sleep... they will certainly be grateful to you!

Or for something simple, a nice spoonful of peanut butter on Christmas Day can be enough to make your dog the happiest of pets! 

To spoil an animal lover or dog owner
Some of us also have friends and family who love dogs in their lives! If this is the case, it can be fun to give them a gift related to their passion. Here are a few ideas:

1. A gift basket
On Amazon, you can find beautiful gift baskets for pet owners. Alternatively, you can buy yourself a nice basket to which to add items your friend and their pet might like. 

2. A subscription to a “dog box”
There are several “dog box” companies on the market for the happiness of canines and their owners. It is even possible to find local companies, such as Woof Pack.

3. A personalized blanket with a pet photo
If your friend has a dog or other pet, why not give them a pretty, soft blanket with a photo of their animal on it. There are many companies easily found online, such as Vistaprint, that make it easy for you to create a personalized blanket simply by uploading a photo of the animal. A unique option that is sure to please! 

No matter the gift, enjoying quality time with our furry and human friends is what matters most this Holiday season! 

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