Getting poochie in the Holiday mood

Getting poochie in the Holiday mood

It’s always nice when the whole family is in the mood during the festive season in December! Here are a few ideas for dressing up your doggie for Christmas or treating him or her to Holiday accessories or goodies.

November 30, 2020

We all want to put some joy in our lives during the festive period, especially this year, which promises to be a little quieter than usual due to the pandemic. Here are a few ideas to get everyone feeling cheery... your four-legged best friend too! 

1. Reindeer antlers 
Accessories such as reindeer antlers can be enough to add a Holiday touch to your pet. Easily found in big-box stores, or even in some pet shops during the season, reindeer antlers will enhance your doggie’s fashion look, but make sure they don’t get in the way of his or her comfort!  

2. Santa cap
Like reindeer antlers, a Santa cap is very easy to find. It only needs to fit snugly on his or her head, without being too tight. Once again, your canine companion must not mind this accessory too much and be careful not to attach it uncomfortably. 

3. Festive Holiday blanket
Adding a pretty Christmas-themed blanket to your pet’s bed can be just enough to give a festive touch to the whole home. Once again, Holiday-themed blankets are inexpensive and can be found just about everywhere in big-box stores. In addition to setting the mood, what dog won’t appreciate a new blanket!

4. Christmas sweater
What could be cuter than a dog in a Christmas sweater? If your dog doesn’t feel too uncomfortable wearing clothing, this option is ideal and so adorable! You’ll find wonderful doggie sweaters at different prices on sites like Amazon, or at various pet accessory shops. And if you have a little time, why not look for a local company that makes them?

5. Home-made treats in Christmas shapes
What would the Holidays be without Christmas cookies… or biscuits, as we usually call dog treats? Making Christmas treats is not only a fun family activity, it’s also sure to delight your pet! This article offers various recipe options. To add a festive touch, simply purchase Christmas-style cookie cutters and use them to make your own biscuits. 

That’s it! Once your faithful companion is ready for this joyous time of year, get out your camera and immortalize his or her pretty face. But remember your pal’s comfort! The goal is not to make a doll of your dog. Take your photo with the accessories and then remove them so your pet can enjoy the rest of its evening in comfort. Happy Holidays to all, four- and two-legged!

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