Get away from the city with your dog

Get away from the city with your dog

Walking has gained popularity in recent months due to social distancing measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In need of inspiration? Here are some places for fun hikes with your furry friend.

August 21, 2023

The return of nice weather means it is time to get reacquainted with the pleasures of walking in nature. These moments outdoors allow us to disconnect and recharge our batteries. Thankfully, Quebec has many areas to discover and paths to travel. Since may 17th 2019, dogs are allowed in all SÉPAQ parcs except the Anticosti and the Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé national parks. However, regulations differ from one park to another, so it is important to be well informed before making the trip with your pup.

Here are some of our favourites in the three Quebec regions near Montreal.

The Laurentians area is well known for its breathtaking landscapes and tourist attractions. You will certainly be charmed by its many trails accessible to hikers.

1. Oka National Park
This par encompasses many trails where animals are allowed. Since the lengths of the hikes differ, you can choose the one that best suits your level. Your dog will need to be kept on a leash and be sure to clean up after him.

2. Val-David-Val Morin Regional Park
This park has a number of trails with a variety of viewpoints, and with difficulty levels that range from beginner to expert. Regulations related to dogs are available here (link in French only).

With its enchanting landscapes, the Eastern Townships are an ideal destination for hiking lovers.

1. Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton
The Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton has many picturesque trails. You will need to equip youself with a leash as well as bags to pick up after your dog in order to enjoy the trails. Other rules related to the presence of dogs in the park can be found here.

2. Parc national du Mont-Orford
Dogs are allowed in this park, except in certain areas. So you can admire the extraordinary views offered by Mount Orford, located about an hour from Montreal. Your pup will surely enjoy them as much as you! The places where you can bring your doggie are shown here.

If you want to get away from it all, but are pressed for time, know that the Montreal area offers magnificent parks where you can walk for a few hours with your companion.

1. Mount Royal Park
Impossible to mention Montreal without naming the popular Mont-Royal Park. Indeed, this place is a must for tourists, but it can also be rediscovered by the residents of the city, with its breathtaking views at the summit. Keep in ming your doggies must be on a leash.

2. Lafontaine Park
This park, with its nearly 10 km of trails, is pleasant to explore with a doggie for a hike while staying close to home. There is also a dog park, which will allow your pet to socialize. This is a great option if you want to explore a new place near your neighborhood.

Summer and fall hikes are good for your health and so invigorating! In the company of your doggy, you’ll be on your way to total happiness!

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