Fur-proof firs!

Fur-proof firs!

The Holiday season is the time of year when we must constantly chase away our furry friends who are trying to eat or otherwise maul the Christmas tree! Here are a few ideas for original Christmas trees that can spare you this aggravation.

December 22, 2020

A quick search on the Internet is all it takes to find plenty of ideas for magnificent alternative Christmas trees, so you don’t have to discover your pet with a branch in their teeth this year. 

An option worth a thousand words
During this more solitary Holiday season, this “photo tree” is ideal for evoking happy memories with your loved ones! Place it high up and your pet won’t suspect a thing.

A bright option
We can all agree that the most festive thing about the traditional Christmas tree is the lights that dress it up. This tree made of lights is an interesting option if you want to feel the brightness of the festive season without being bothered by twigs on the floor to sweep up.

A more rustic option
If your home has a more rustic décor, this tree is ideal! In addition to attracting a little less attention from your pet, this pretty decoration, which looks a lot like a real fir tree, could go perfectly with the style of your home. 

Kitty’s favourite option
Why not turn the cat‘s bed into a Christmas tree? A few added decorations and you’re done: a Christmas tree that's not too complicated and that your cat won't destroy!

An animal-proof option
Taking your tree to new heights can be the perfect solution! Either trim your tree to give it a very long trunk, or buy a smaller tree that you can place on a higher surface! 

A very DIY option
Whether you’re the last-minute type, in the middle of a move or want to avoid going out to buy a tree, whatever your situation this do-it-yourself option is for you! All you need is a few home-made  accessories, scissors and cardboard, and you’ve got what you need to make a pretty, uncluttered Christmas tree!

The ornament collector's option
Do you like ornaments so much that you have them in all shapes, sizes and colours? Make a tree with them! Simply arrange them strategically to form a tree, and you're done! 

No matter what type of tree you have at home, the important thing is to feel in the festive spirit… and to keep your pet out of harm's way! 

Happy Holidays!

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