Four Halloween costume ideas for your furry friends

October 23, 2023

Add some cheer to the occasion by dressing up your pet for Halloween!

Obviously, Halloween just won’t be the same this year, what with the COVID-19 health restrictions. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting into the spirit and having fun by dressing up—with doggo! Here are four great ideas for simple, original costumes for your pet (and maybe you too)!

1. Witch… craft 

If you’re a Harry Potter fanatic, you won’t be able to resist this one: dress up your four-legged friend as a witch or wizard straight out of Hogwarts! Some stray pieces of fabric are all it takes to put this costume together.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some black fabric for the cape;
  • An old shirt collar to put around your pet’s neck;
  • A small burgundy-coloured necktie; 
  • Three thin strips of gold fabric, which you’ll glue to the tie.

Once you’re done, grab a bunch of candy and popcorn (and doggie treats, of course) and watch some Potter movies with your faithful companion! 

2. The most adorable stuffy—come to life!
We’ve all seen those Beanie Babies collectible stuffed animals with the Ty brand tag. They’re found in big-box stores and, as the kids today say, they’re “totes adorbs.” For a simple, practical costume this Halloween, this is the ticket! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A sheet of red cardboard, cut into a large heart shape
  • A sheet of white paper, on which you’ll draw and cut out the letters “t” and “y” 
  • Some glue to stick the letters onto the heart

Now attach your creation to your dog’s collar, and voilà! Instant real, live stuffy! 

3. For Starbucks addicts

If you’re a big Starbucks fan as well as a dog lover, you might have heard of the puppucino. Well, now you can take your love for coffee to the next level by designing a branded canine costume! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some iron-on transfer paper;
  • A printer to print the Starbucks logo onto the transfer paper;
  • A white T-shirt the right size for your dog;
  • An iron to transfer the logo onto the shirt;
  • Some brown cardboard or paper (e.g., from your recycling bin) cut to fit around your dog’s belly and decorated like a coffee-cup sleeve
  • A coffee-cup lid;
  • A hot-glue gun to stick a cardboard strip onto the coffee-cup lid

Once you’ve got all the pieces assembled, your pet will look like a cute, four-legged grande latté to go! 

4. Everyone in on the fun! 

One of the great things about Halloween is the whole family dressing up together! If you agree, you’ll surely love this group S’mores costume featuring you, your partner and your doggie! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two large sheets of cardboard (e.g., from your recycling), on one of which you’ll draw black dots and dashes to make it look like a Graham cracker
  • Some dark brown cardboard glued to the second sheet of cardboard
  • Some sheets of white paper cut out into letters to form the word “Hershey’s” and glued to the dark brown sheet
  • A large pillow to wrap your pet in to play the role of the marshmallow

That’s it! Put it all together, and you become the S’mores family! 

Whichever costume you choose, always put your pet’s comfort first! If you sense that he or she really doesn’t like being dressed up, don’t push it.

Happy Halloween! 


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