Five dog breeds that require a big budget

Five dog breeds that require a big budget

All the love that our furry friends give us can come at a cost! Here are some of the most expensive dog breeds.

January 29, 2021

Planning to buy a new four-legged friend? Be aware! The price of a dog varies according to breed and origin. Among other things, the following breeds are much more expensive than others! 

Akita Inu
This breed that inevitably reminds us of Hachi, the endearing pup in the film of the same name, is rather expensive. Depending on the breeder, an Akita can cost more than $2,500 in Québec. On the other hand, these are such loyal and faithful friends that their price is quickly forgotten!

Shar Pei
If you are looking for a loyal pal with a unique appearance, the Shar Pei could be for you. These dogs that look like they have extra folds of skin are adorable, but also very expensive. In Québec, they can cost up to $2,500, depending on their colour. 

This breed of dog, which is quite popular with families, is more expensive than you might think. In Québec, a Rottweiler purchased from a kennel costs more than $2,000. However, these dogs are known for their kindness and docility. So, in your opinion, is it worth the cost? 


These dogs, which some people find beautiful, and others extremely ugly, are also somewhat expensive. In fact, adopting a Bulldog—also known as English Bulldog or British Bulldog— can cost between $1,800 and $3,000. If you are interested in this breed, beware: they are time-consuming to care for and are known for their loud snoring!

You can pay a lot for Samoyed's beautiful, hypoallergenic coat. That's why these pure white dogs sell for more than $4,000 in Québec! However, this breed will certainly bring you a lot of happiness if you are looking for companionship, because it is affectionate and easy to live with.

No matter the breed, any dog needs your time, money and a lot of love! Make sure you are well informed before you make a choice.

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