Fall food for Fido!

September 25, 2023

Do you enjoy preparing homemade treats for your dog? It’s time to keep up with the season and try apples in your recipes!

Apple season in Québec means going for walks in orchards and admiring the spectacular colours of autumn all around. It’s also a chance to explore delicious recipes that feature the famous fall fruit. Available in different varieties, apples can easily be incorporated into your dog’s diet (as treats, for example) and they’re recognized as a healthy food option for canines—as long as you remove all the seeds, of course. So if you’d like to have fun adding them to the foods you make at home for your pooch, read on for some tasty ideas! 

Can’t go wrong with the classics

You’ll find plenty of classic doggie biscuit recipes online, to which you can add a dash of apple. For example, this recipe on the website of the Québec foodie TV program À la di Stasio uses ingredients that you probably have close at hand, like wheat flour and an egg; you can simply add the flavouring of your choice. In this case, simply add one cup of peeled and chopped apples and voilà! Your pet will enjoy the delicious flavours of the season thanks to a simple biscuit recipe.

Spice things up a bit

Besides delicious apples, the next most famous fall flavour has got to be pumpkins. So why not whip up some treats that use both! With this recipe, which uses just four ingredients and takes mere minutes to make, you can introduce your doggie to Québec’s finest fall flavours. 

Or just give it to ’em straight!

If you find online recipes a bit too much to deal with, there’s an even simpler solution! Since apples are a healthy food for your dog, you can just serve them in their natural state (making sure to remove all stems, leaves and seeds). And for a special treat, why not spread a little peanut butter onto apple slices! Your canine will love them—and you’ll probably find yourself sneaking a couple of bites as well.


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