Expressing the love of animals through art

Expressing the love of animals through art

Our love of animals can express itself in many ways. Here we highlight 5 artists whose attachment to animals is central to their inspiring work.

July 1, 2022

Anabel Roy
This artist’s touching, pared down art focuses on the “ins and outs” of daily life, with an original twist of humour.

Geneviève Darling
This Montreal-based artist, whose work is part of the queer art movement, publishes her original creations via the Instagram handle Lovestruckprints.

Karina Isabelle
The Instagram page of this illustrator and graphic designer is bursting with playful artwork inspired by motherhood. If you’re a fan of minimalist, colourful art, you’re in for a treat.

B. Tardif
This Montreal designer’s style is totally off the wall. Benoit Tardif’s art is a joy to behold and interpret.

Anne-Julie Dudemaine
The self-taught illustrator Anne-Julie Dudemaine expresses herself with an approach that’s uniquely her own. Her art celebrates fantasy by bringing together emotions and memories to create a personal interpretation of reality.

Cover: anabel.roy
Photo 1: Anabel Roy
Photo 2: lovestruckprints
Photo 3: karina_isabelle
Photo 4: bentardif_illustrator
Photo 5: annejulie_dudemaine

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