Emergency kit: how to be well prepared

December 20, 2022

Does your pet have everything it needs in the event of an emergency? This checklist for assembling your emergency kit could save you a lot of grief.

No one is immune from a possible emergency that might require a quick departure or evacuation. During such a situation, we must not only take care of ourselves, but also of the well-being of our faithful companions! Whether you own a cat or a dog, this short list could help you be better prepared to respond more effectively in the event of an emergency. 

Food and water 

Nothing is more important than having enough food and water for your pet during an emergency. Also, remember to bring other bowls similar to their usual ones to reduce their anxiety. 


In the event of cold, you will certainly need blankets to keep your pet warm too. You might also think about bringing along a toy to distract your friend. 

Leash and harness

Whether your dog is accustomed to being on or off leash, consider adding one to your emergency kit. This will ensure you keep them close to you and prevent them from getting lost. Emergency situations can bring out all kinds of emotions, so you’ll be glad to have everything you need to avoid further stress if unforeseen circumstances arise! 

Kitty litter

If you have a cat, consider preparing a litter box. But if it’s too big to transport in an emergency situation, you can add litter box pads to your emergency kit to compensate. 

Vaccination booklet

In the event that it is your pet that is in distress and is the source of the emergency, it is best to have all their documents on hand. So remember to bring their vaccination booklet and any medical documents you may need. Having these papers on hand could save you time and money in an emergency. 

Your vet’s contact information

Finally, having your veterinarian’s contact information close at hand is very important. This will enable you to reach them quickly in an emergency, without having to search everywhere. 

Emergencies can cause a lot of stress and being prepared can help reduce this. Remember that your pet can sense your emotions, so it’s best to lessen sources of anxiety… so both of you can feel better!


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