Easy rider

Easy rider

August 7, 2019

Does your dog love car rides? If so, you’re lucky. After all, it’s not easy to lift 65 lbs of reluctant beast into the back seat! And, whether you’re heading out on a road trip or just around the block, don’t forget to strap your dog in with a good seat belt/harness combo. Dogs may look adorable with their heads sticking out the car window but the consequences can be serious: eye infections, flying debris, insect bites, or even getting hit, according to Dr Elkin Seto from Sud-Ouest Veterinary Clinic in Montreal. And an accident with a loose dog in the car? Not a pretty picture: at 55 km/hour, a 27-kg dog becomes a 1,200 kg projectile. Keeping them strapped in also prevents dogs from jumping into the front seat. So buckle up, stay safe, and have fun! (Julie Matlin)

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