Dogs thefts are on the rise

Dogs thefts are on the rise

First the fraudsters took advantage of the pandemic; now it’s the thieves! Yes, the craze for dog adoption is bringing out some ill-intentioned people.

May 1, 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, pet breeders have reported a sharp increase in demand. Indeed, COVID-19, which is forcing so many to stay at home, is increasing the need for companionship, something that pets can certainly provide. While this burst in pet adoption may be seen as positive for animal shelters, it also has its negative sides: unfortunately, some people are taking advantage of it to considerably increase the price of their animals, and a number of dog thefts have also been reported. 

Thieves have been taking advantage of owners’ absences to steal dogs. With waiting lists full at shelters and prospective owners having to be patient, thieves can easily resell dogs on the Web. 

Take more precautions
Whether you are taking your dog out to do her business or just to get some air, be vigilant! It takes only a few seconds to lose sight of your dog if she’s not leashed! Even when you let your dog outside on your own property, make sure to keep an eye on her. 

If your dog is used to walking unleashed, it might be better these days to put him on one. In addition, always pay attention to locking your doors when you are away from home. 

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