Do your cat’s expressions reflect their pain?

Do your cat’s expressions reflect their pain?

February 24, 2020

Does your cat make unusual facial expressions? This could be your cat’s way of expressing pain. In a recent study of 39 cats, from a variety of breeds, researchers at the school of veterinary studies at Université de Montréal interpreted feline expressions. Based on their findings they created the “Feline Grimace Scale” which provides veterinarians from around the world with a rapid way to evaluate levels of pain in cats. The scale is based on the position of the cat’s ears, mouth, whiskers and eyelids. “It’s difficult to treat pain when you’re unable to recognize its signs,” explained Dr Paulo Steagall, who led the research project, in a communiqué. The study may well be an important step forward in feline health. (Katrine Joncas)

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