Challenges to help boost fun time with your furry friends!

May 5, 2021

If your pet needs stimulating or you just want to have a good time, here’s a roundup of the most enjoyable challenges you can do with them!

With the pandemic still putting a damper on our range of available activities, why not set some challenges for your pet! Here are some really fun ones to try with your faithful companion! 

Call doggo’s name but pretend you’re not there
Randomly and repeatedly call out your pet’s name with them right next to you, but act as though you don’t see them. The humans who try this challenge get a whole lotta love from their pups as they go overboard trying to show they’re right there in their face! 

Bring out your pet’s protective side 
Does your pet seem to have a well-developed protective instinct? Whether you have a dog or a cat, try the egg challenge with them and see how they react. Some animals like to play with the egg, while others coddle it as if it were their baby! What about yours? 

Paint a masterpiece with your pet
Are you the artsy-crafty type? Challenge your pooch to create a striking work of art with your help! All you’ll need is a canvas, some paints, some peanut butter, and a zip-lock bag. Pick two or three colours and randomly squirt them out onto the canvas. Next, cover one side of the plastic bag in peanut butter. Slip the canvas into the bag, seal it, and give it to your dog. The picture will paint itself as she slurps up the peanut butter, as in this example! Voilà, your four-legged friend is an abstract impressionist! 

See if your friend is up to the toilet paper challenge
As long as your TP stock isn’t running too low, this challenge could be fun! Set up a row of rolls on the floor and get your dog or cat to jump over it. Each time they succeed, stack another row on top and see how high they can go! Can they do better than this dog

Have fun!


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