César, the 25-year-old dog

César, the 25-year-old dog

Did you know that some dogs can live more than a quarter of a century? Meet a happy Chihuahua called César who is one of them.

July 9, 2020

Their paths merged when César and Justine were respectively 5 and 6 years of age. In their village on the South Shore, not far from Montreal, they became inseparable friends. When you look at photos from then, the little Chihuahua looks just a bit heavier than he does today.

Irresistible habits
César has some unusual habits which enchant Justine. He loves bacon and keeps to a strict routine! In fact, the little Chihuahua runs like clockwork: “Without fail, at 6.15 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, he sits at his bowl and waits for his food,” says Justine. He also likes to keep up with his human friends from the comfort of his cushions. Throughout the day, to be with his company, César goes back and forth between his two “day” beds. In the evening, when it’s time to hit the sack, he stands by the bedroom door—where you can find his “night” bed—and looks up at Justine as if to say: “Are you coming?”

Not your every-day face
It’s not only César’s routine which makes him endearing. With just one eye and a dangling tongue, he also has an unusual physique. Following an unfortunate accident during his youth, one of César’s eyes had to be removed and the socket sewn shut. And his tongue? It’s a question of age: César has lost quite a few teeth and the muscular strength to keep his tongue in his mouth. Fortunately, César’s sweet looks make it seem like he’s always grinning!

Time has also taken its toll on César’s remaining eye and his vision is severely impaired. He can no longer walk up or down the stairs and to get around the Chihuahua hugs the walls. Justine helps by placing objects throughout the house to stop him from falling. But it’s all part of the parcel. César is proof that taking care of an older dog can be a handful … but it’s more than worth the trouble! 

Through thick and thin
César has been a faithful witness to all the adventures and stages of Justine’s life. Because her parents were separated, the little dog followed Justine from house to house—and wherever she went. “He was like one of my parents’ children!” explains Justine.

When you have an elderly dog, Justine thinks it’s essential to hug them, spoil them and love them tenderly, “because at such an advantaged age, each moment is truly precious!” 

Photos : Justine Joyal

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