Cat grooming

Cat grooming

We all know that cats pretty much do their own grooming. But their owners are still responsible for a few kitty beauty duties!

February 9, 2021

Maybe it’s because of their dislike of water, but everyone knows that cats would rather do their own grooming. However, it is important for owners to know that some grooming tasks are their responsibility.

Indeed, although kitty can groom herself without help, there are still some extra steps that she can’t perform on her own. If you do the following three grooming tasks reasonably frequently, you can be sure that your faithful ball of fur will be clean and healthy! 

1. Brushing kitty’s coat 
Whether for your cat’s well-being or to reduce the amount of fur to be vacuumed from your floor, brushing your cat’s coat is an important, even necessary, part of grooming. In fact, regular brushing could avoid some health problems and even skin complications. Simply ask an animal health professional for advice on the best brush for your cat’s fur type.  What’s more, many cats love to be brushed! 

2. Brushing kitty’s teeth 
You should also think about brushing your cat’s teeth! Like dogs, cats need to have their teeth brushed frequently for optimal dental hygiene. Once again, your veterinarian or an animal health professional is the best person to help you choose the right tools to brush your furry friend’s teeth! 

3. Cleaning kitty’s ears and eyes
While kitty can easily take care of her coat, she needs a little help cleaning her eyes and ears. Your cat may sometimes have some residue around her eyes. A damp, skin-friendly cloth will suffice to clean them. A damp cloth can also be used to wipe the inside of a cat’s ears. If you detect abnormal odours, contact your vet so that they can recommend the best course of action and the products needed to remedy the situation. 

That’s it! With these three steps done regularly, you’ll stay aware of any hygiene problems your cat may have, while making sure he or she is comfortable!

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