Canine kindergarten? Now available online!

Canine kindergarten? Now available online!

Would you like your dog to take obedience training classes? It’s possible, even remotely!

June 3, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many activities to migrate to the Web. Despite the less social aspect of this alternative, there are still some positives! For example, online courses allow you and your furry friend to take training courses at times that suit you best. Moreover, they enable you to go at your dog's pace, taking breaks and resuming lessons if necessary. 

Tailored courses
De Main de Maître is among schools that offer comprehensive distance-learning courses tailored to your pet’s needs. Having trained over 5,000 dogs in Canada and Europe, the organization uses techniques that work on all types and breeds of dogs. A variety of courses are offered, from bite-prevention to solutions that help your dog listen to you. 

Although De Main de Maître specializes in training puppies from two to four months of age, it is never too late to teach your pet and make your life more enjoyable. 

A starter kit
The De Main de Maître "kindergarten kit" can be a good option to start training your dog. It includes five one-hour sessions. Unlimited one-on-one follow-ups with dog trainers are also included, when you can ask all the questions you want. Notes are also provided with each session so that the owner can keep all relevant information at hand.

By starting your dog’s training as soon as she arrives in the family, you will be able to address any bad habits in the first few weeks, such as nipping and barking. Although adult dogs can be trained, it's easier to start teaching your faithful companion good manners as young as possible. Classes are also a great way to bond with your pet and have a fun together!

Although they can learn new things throughout their lives, dogs absorb lessons well when they are young. Fortunately, the pandemic doesn’t mean you'll miss out on the opportunity to educate them with the help of experts. Isn’t technology great! 

Photo: demaindemaitre

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