Camping with your dog in Sault Ste. Marie

Camping with your dog in Sault Ste. Marie

The photo in the ad—of 4 collies on a golf cart—says it all. The KOA Holiday campground in Sault Ste. Marie, is definitely dog-friendly.

July 24, 2019

The owners of KOA Holiday campground in Sault Ste. Marie, Bill and Joan Richard, left jobs in the aviation industry to camp full-time and be with their dogs.

“We’ve always had Collies,” Joan says. “We also always camped, even as kids. We knew what worked at a campsite. When this one came on the market, we jumped on it.”

Many KOA Holiday sites allow pets. Since purchasing their campground in 1992, the Richards added up-grades including Rover’s Run, a wooded large-dog leash-free zone, and professional dog bath tubs and dryers. That’s partly because Joan is an accredited groomer. “I planned to continue my grooming business here, but underestimated how much work it is to run a campground.” Now, the equipment is available to clients.

Kamp K9 is a fenced zone for little dogs with mini-agility games. Why little obstacles? Because guests ask to use the onsite agility field.

That’s right, there’s an agility field. “Guests often pull up lawn chairs and watch dogs practicing.”

Local agility trainers rent the facility, including Sue and Ken Pister, who spend hours bonding with their Irish Setters Guinness and Killian. Competitors can tent camp on raised platforms or pull up RVs at sites adjacent to the field. Eight of the ten rustic cabins with bunk beds, TVs and decks are pet-friendly. Though dogs can’t be left alone in cabins unless crated and must be on leash when not in free-run areas. Otherwise, the campground has no size or breed restrictions, and hiking trails surround the property. A little heaven for dog lovers.

Photo credit : Sault Ste. Marie KOA Holiday

Cover: Indy, Chase, Macy and Breeze. Unfortunately, Indy and Macy are no longer with them.

Photo 1 : Chase, Breeze and Wish, the camping’s current collies.

Photo 2 : Dogs are always welcome at the KOA Holiday campground.

Photo 3: Guests dog enjoys Kamp K9’s mini-agility games.

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