Aire commune, the ideal summer terrace

Aire commune, the ideal summer terrace

Why do we love Aire commune so much?

September 3, 2019

In part, it’s because of their great theme-inspired happy hours. In part, it’s because Aire commune is also a renowned coworking and networking space which organizes conferences, yoga classes, shows and much more.

Nestled in the heart of Mile End, this seasonal terrace is the place in Montreal to make the most of summer with friends and colleagues. What’s more, dogs (on leashes) are welcome at all times!

Aire commune was created by Îlot 84, a non-profit organization which embellishes the city with a range of cultural, professional and artistic projects. They designed a colourful, modern environment that—whether you’re working or in party mode—is always stimulating.

Consult Aire commune’s website for their complete program.

Photos credits: Aire Commune

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