Actions to help prevent a difficult “return to normal” for your animals

April 7, 2020

We’re spending a lot more time with our pets during this period of home confinement. And they’re thrilled about it. But, be careful...

Being able to spend more time with your companion animal is not one of the drawbacks of this period of home confinement. However, your animal can quickly get used to your prolonged presence which may lead to distress when the crisis is over and they find themselves, once again, at home alone.

Here are 3 suggestions for actions you can take now that will help smooth your pet’s future transition “back to normal”.

1. Don’t change your animal’s routine
Your animals are probably used to a set routine. Try to keep things consistent by feeding and walking them at their regular times.

2. Give your animal the same amount of attention
Don’t shower your animal with more attention than usual. This way, despite your presence at home, they’ll remain accustomed to spending time alone every day (which is their reality during “regular” times).

3. Avoid giving extra treats
Snacking is so much easier when you’re at home. And it’s the same when it comes to giving them to your pet. Help them stay healthy and help keep their weight down by limiting the treats.

Be sure—of course!—to make the most of your pet during this extended period at home. These 3 suggestions should help prolong the wellbeing of your animal once the situation gets “back to normal”.


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