A possum straight out of Pokémon

A possum straight out of Pokémon

July 16, 2020

Pikachu, from the popular Pokémon series, marked an entire generation. To our great surprise, it turns out that the iconic character has a real-life incarnation who is living close to Melbourne in Australia! When a magnificent golden possum was brought into the Boronia veterinary clinic in Melbourne several years ago, the staff immediately nicknamed the animal Pikachu. The resemblance was obvious. Why does this possum have such unique coloured fur? It’s the result of a genetic mutation which causes low levels of the pigment melanin. In nature, compared to darker-coloured fellow possums, this beautiful creature stands out for all the wrong reasons and is extremely vulnerable to predators. Happily, this exceptional marsupial now lives a peaceful life in a wildlife sanctuary. (Catherine D’Avignon)

Cover photo: The Golden Possum

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