A Bengal cat in nature

A Bengal cat in nature

The photographer Marti Gutfreund and her muse Suki the cat make stunning landscapes their backdrop.

June 12, 2023

Talent, astounding scenery and an unusual animal. The photographer Marti Gutfreund has assembled all the ingredients. And here are the results …

In fairy-tale settings across the world, the artist is delighted to photograph Suki, her beautiful Bengal cat.

Marti has an innate feel for beauty. Her talent was shaped by her studies in Fine Arts. And it’s her upbringing in Alberta that gave her a taste for adventure.

The photographer is a natural when it comes to capturing her home mountains and lakes. With Suki at her side to embellish the shots.

Enchanting landscapes and portraits of her beautiful tiger cat are a common thread in the photographer’s work. She seeks to inspire people to visit the great outdoors with their companion animals.

The happy combination of Marti’s talent and her cat’s engaging personality have made Suki one of the most popular cats in the world … with 1.6 million followers on Instagram!

With Marti and Suki, it’s easy to get inspired to take photos of your cat. So, ready, set, go!

Cover and photos 2 to 6: Facebook: Suki The Cat

Photo 1: Instagram: Marti Gutfreund

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