A $5 million inheritance... now that’s one lucky pup!

A $5 million inheritance... now that’s one lucky pup!

May 15, 2021

Some pet owners have a larger budget than others to provide for their animal’s needs. And some also set aside large sums for their companion’s care in the event they should outlive the owner. This is the case of Bill Doris, a man from Nashville, Tennessee, who left no less than $5 million to his dog, Lulu. Having no spouse or close family, the late Mr. Doris bequeathed this windfall to his faithful companion, leaving it in  trust with his close friend who had often cared for the dog. Although such a large sum of money is obviously not necessary to ensure a pooch’s well-being after its owner’s departure, this amusing anecdote may raise pertinent questions about post-mortem pet care. What about you? Should you plan for an emergency fund to ensure your dog's happiness no matter what the circumstances? (Katrine Joncas)

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