8 winter activities to share with your dog

8 winter activities to share with your dog

Have you had your fill of Holiday food and compulsive series watching? Maybe it’s time for some fresh air with your 4-legged buddy … and we have suggestions!

January 30, 2023


1. Maison Pepin (Montreal)

Situated on a picturesque street in Old Montreal, this boutique will charm you with its great home décor ideas, beautiful plants and kitchen and bathroom products. Whether your merely window shopping … or out to spend some serious cash, you’ll love the welcoming atmosphere at Maison Pepin. And, of course, dogs are welcome … just be careful not to break anything!

2. Domaine Summum (Mont Tremblant)

If Holiday celebrations are leaving you a little worn down, maybe it’s time for some well-earned rest at Domaine Summum? Dogs are welcome at this pet-friendly boutique hotel and grounds—even in their cottage suites. Domaine Summum provides on-site dog-sitting as well as meal-inclusive package deals. Get ready for great times in the great outdoors … with your great dog!

3. Four Origins Brewery (Montreal)

Unwind with your friends—whether they’re human or not —at 4 Origins Brewery close to Griffintown. This micro-brewery makes a wide range of beers on the premises and on Saturday afternoons you can visit behind the scenes and learn more about their brewing. A great Holiday activity, without the egg nog!

4. Centre plein-air le Bec-Scie (Saguenay)

Brush off your snow suit and get ready to hike, snow shoe or cross-country ski, with your dog at your side, at Parc féérique. With distances varying in length from 1.5 to 20 kilometres, there’s a trail here everyone—from the seasoned sports pro to those who are less actively inclined. A must-see during the summer months, this park is also enchanting during the winter—with stunning views of frozen waterfalls clinging to rocky outcrops!


5. Leftfield Brewery (Toronto)

Crazy for baseball? This downtown Toronto brewery is the place for you. And thanks to their incredible selection of beers, you’re likely to keep coming back … with your dog, who is also welcome. If you’re lucky you’ll cross paths with the brewery’s mascot, Wrigley (the Basset Hound).

6. Eldred King Woodlands (Toronto region)

An excellent place to hike with your dog (and play hide and seek in the forest), the Eldred King Woodlands are about 50 minutes from Toronto. But what’s really special about this park? The horses. There’s a good chance you’ll see a few during your walk in the woods.


7. Capilano Bridge (Vancouver)

Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, the Capilano suspension bridge transports its visitors to a magical universe bursting with ancient trees and spectacular hiking trails. Live the experience in technicolor until January 26, at the Canyon Light Winter Festival. Your dog, on leash, is welcome everywhere, except the boutique.

8. Pacific Rim Park (Tofino)

Be soothed by the ocean waves while your dog runs along the water’s edge. Watch courageous surfers brave the winter cold. This fantastic park is an ideal location for a change of scene … without emptying your bank account. Be sure to dress for wet weather!

It may be winter but there’s no shortage of options to get out with your dog. Head out to walk, snow shoe or ski and make the most of these exceptional locations. That’s what vacation time is for!

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