4 tips for happy camping with your dog

4 tips for happy camping with your dog

Camping season is back at last! Follow these pointers to ensure Fido enjoys your next outdoor adventure

July 7, 2020

Roasting marshmallows, singing under the stars, cozy camp fires—camping is a favourite summer activity for lots of people. And it’s even better when you take your dog. Fortunately, many campsites welcome dogs with open arms. But, nevertheless, camping with our 4-legged friends requires some additional planning. Follow these tips to make your trip safe and fun for your dog (and worry-free for you!).

1. Pick the right site
To avoid a long car ride, consider a camp ground that’s close to home, especially if your dog has travel sickness. If your dog isn’t used to camping, book a shaded site (to reduce the risk of sunstroke) away from other campers (whose activities may distract your dog and make them bark more than usual). 

2. Get your dog used to the tent
To reduce camping-related stress, it’s best if your dog sleeps close to you. Before hitting the woods, make sure your tent is big enough for everyone. Pitch your tent in your backyard (or in your home) and let your dog sniff it out before you leave home. This will help settle your dog’s nerves once you get to the camp ground.

3. Check vaccinations and camping rules
When you’re preparing your trip, don’t forget to check that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date because there’s nothing insects like more than wooded sites and insect bites can transmit serious diseases. Before you book, it’s also important to read your campground’s rules and regulations. If they seem too strict, it might be better to explore other options.

4. Pack your dog’s toys 
Bringing familiar objects—a favourite cushion, blanket or toy, for instance—will help reassure your dog. If you’re a true fan of the great outdoors, get a collapsible bowl, a canine life vest, cleaning wipes and a mini backpack for your dog. An extendable leash is also a great way to let your pooch explore (without letting them run free).

Camping is a fun way to recharge your batteries while making memories with your faithful friend. However, if your dog is anxious, consider if they will truly enjoy themselves or … if it might be better to leave them with a trusted friend while you get your camping fix.

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