10 terraces where you can draw out summer with your dog

10 terraces where you can draw out summer with your dog

When it’s time to meet up with friends for a drink, what can be better than knowing that your dog is also welcome? Take your pick.

July 3, 2023

Walk the streets for just a few minutes and you’ll realize just how much Montrealers love their dogs. Dog parks, dog cafés, yoga classes for people and their dogs … no doubt about it: Montreal offers a ton of opportunities for people to enjoy the city with their pooches—including a wide range of summertime terraces. Here are 10 dog-friendly terraces to have a good time.

1 – Aire Commune
5705 De Gaspé Avenue

2 – Terrasse Saint-Ambroise
5080 Saint-Ambroise Street

3 – Marché des Éclusiers
400 De La Commune Street West

4 – Les Jardineries
2705 Pie-IX Boulevard

5 – Boxermans
1041 Van Horne Avenue

6 – Riverside
5020 Saint-Ambroise Street

7 – Doggy Café
4701 Saint-Denis Street

8 – Café Olimpico
124 Saint-Viateur Street West

9 –Burgundy Lion Pub
2496 Notre-Dame Street West

10 – Village au Pied-du-Courant
2100 Notre-Dame Street East

Cover: Marché des Éclusiers

Photo 1: Aire Commune

Photo 2: Terrasse Saint-Ambroise

Photo 3: Marché des Éclusiers

Photo 4: Les Jardineries

Photo 5: Boxermans

Photo 6: Riverside

Photo 7: Doggy Café

Photo 8: Café Olimpico

Photo 9: Pub Burgundy Lion

Photo 10: Village au Pied-du-Courant

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