10 crazy accessories for dogs

10 crazy accessories for dogs

Who doesn’t like to spoil their 4-legged friend with new toys and gadgets? Here are some unusual options.

February 20, 2023

1. Say “cheese”
You dream of taking great pictures but your dog couldn’t care less? Grab their attention—and hold it—with this gadget which lets you clip a tennis ball to your smartphone. Taking photos will be as simple as a game of catch!

2. Out damn spot
You love your dog but hate the mess they leave on your clean floors? This portable paw cleaner has soft silicone spokes which safely remove caked on mud from Fido’s mucky paws. Just add soap and water, place over your dog’s paw, and gently massage back and forth.

3. Treat them from afar
Just like a doting grandmother, pet owners can find it hard not to spoil their pets. This smartphone-operated distributor lets you reward your pooch, even when you’re miles away.

4. No more scooping
Tired of picking up? Then the PoopTrap might be for you and your 4-legged friend. Simply connect it to their collar, adjust the back strap and you’re on your way to hand-free—“before it hits the sidewalk”—scooped poop. Ideal for sensitive souls.

5. Lick pad
Is bathing time a fiasco? Think distraction. Spread this lick pad with peanut butter and stick it to the wall alongside your tub. Your dog will have a blast and sit pretty for their cleaning.

6. A change of perspective
Feel like seeing the world through your dog’s eyes? Then this harness is all you need to turn your pooch into a video professional. Safely attach, then connect a frontal GoPro. Your view of the world will be changed forever! 

7. Pint-sized umbrella
This mini accessory is the perfect option for dogs who’d rather not get wet. It’s raining? No problem, just clip it to your dog’s leash and keep your precious pet dry. Don’t forget your own umbrella!

8. No more sharing
Your dog has a thing for your toilet bowl? Help prevent intoxication and stop sharing your bowl, with this handy, toilet-shaped water bowl for dogs.

9. Someone else’s turn
To stay in shape, just like us, dogs need to keep active. If you find yourself sadly lacking the time to throw balls, this automatic ball thrower might be right for you.

10. Party time
The American-based Bowser Beer brews non-alcoholic beer for dogs, flavoured with beef, pork or chicken stock. Serve chilled, on food or as a frozen treat, you’ll be raising your glass to your pooch!

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